giovedì 29 settembre 2016

Saltpond_Ankaful and Hinii_2016

A Lu(ça), che te ridi!

Hinii - Open school
What can I say?
The morning of Sunday, September 18 I was very happy to have taken a series of very interesting photographs for me and for you who follow me.
The first at the Saltpond lagoon: a "Shrine" in bamboo canes with a white cloth at the entrance.
The second: a goat eating toilet paper near the public toilets.
The third: always a kid, he had bitten into a much larger leaf her. Suddenly a gust of wind lifted leaf and goat by rolling on the ground.
The fourth photo was a top view of the densely populated village of Ankaful.
The fifth another "shrine". A small house in raw land and roof raffia. We are in the village of HiNii. Surprise! Inside I see piled the bones of the skeleton of a whale. This is the sixth photo.
The seventh I made it to a group of blacks pigs dozing in the shade of a small shelter built especially for them.
The eighth picture the large lagoon of HiNii.
The ninth photos to a group of children playing dig a big hole in the beach while people threw large ground the long fishing net.
The tenth picture I made to a fisherman who gave it to me specifically requested.
"Will you take me the picture?" - he told me.
"Sure, I'll take the picture to you. Tell me what's your name?"
"I have promised!"

I have told you these ten photos because shortly after, I lost my camera.

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