martedì 24 dicembre 2013

Merry Christmas

To all the friends of "Ghana Fort Amsterdam" onlus

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

To them we dedicate the first singing lesson.

From the children of Ademanù-Onyapaa
directed by Daniel:

domenica 15 dicembre 2013

Dedicated to Mandela

The ribbon cutting for the opening of the Kindergarten 
Ademanù - Onyapaa

We will continue to build schools because, as Nelson Mandela said:

"education is the most powerful weapon to change the world."

lunedì 14 ottobre 2013

Ademanù - Onyapaa 9 October

On October 9  we have inaugurated in collaboration with the GES, the new kindergarten for villages di Ademanù e Onyapaa. In the presence of the local authorities and two friends coming from Trento, Emanuela e Walter. Event was attended by representatives of the teachers and pupils of primary school of Otsir and of   kindergarten of Fomena doing some nice performances.


giovedì 5 settembre 2013

Fomena nursery

The construction of the nursery in the village of Fomena progresses rapidly. 
It will be ready for the first week of October. 
At least we hope so!

the project
Thus, for the first time, we celebrate two openings simultaneously in Fomena and in Ademanù.

Soon we will show you photos and movies on our blog. 

Thanks to all the friends who have helped us in the enterprise.

sabato 10 agosto 2013

"The Mission"

We are opposed about the opportunity to tell the human suffering in Africa by means of questionable VIP (I = important but also ignorant) in the new reality-show of RAI (Italian Radio Television) 
"The Mission". 
Join us and shouts:
Ho appena firmato la petizione "RAI: non mandare in onda il reality “Mission”. #nomission" su
È importante. Puoi firmarla anche tu? 


domenica 4 agosto 2013

Friends! Are you ready?

During the months of August and September will follow the phases of construction of the new nursery in the village of Fomena.

We hope in October to inaugurate this structure and at the same time the kindergarten in the village of Ademanù.
Friends! October 4th we go. Are you ready?

venerdì 19 luglio 2013

Medical screening

We are sincerely grateful to our friend Dr. Clelia which periodically carries out medical examination to children in Otsi, Fomena and Ademanù.

venerdì 14 giugno 2013

Ademanù - Onyapaa (6)

Well dear friends, we show you the new school of Ademanù-Onyapaa that we will open in September. 
Those who want to partecipate call us.

Do you remember the old school?

sabato 18 maggio 2013

venerdì 22 marzo 2013

Ademanù (5)

On March 13 we were Ademanù to check the status of work on the new school.
The roof  is completed.
It remains to do the finishing work.

With us came from Italy a new friend, Federica

giovedì 17 gennaio 2013

Ademanù (3)

Every month we will document, with a photographic report, the progress of the construction of the kindergarten for the twin-villages of Ademanù-Onyapa.
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martedì 1 gennaio 2013