sabato 31 dicembre 2016


Unfortunately wishes do not always come true if they are not accompanied by a good recommendation.
Happy New Year 
and remember that "the chick which is always near its mother gets the best part of the grasshopper" (old Ghanaian proverb).


We thank the red hen who walked her chickens in the village of Otsir.
Congratulations again to all.


giovedì 15 dicembre 2016

Ankaful project.

This is our multiannual program for the school complex in Ankaful. Our director, Daniel, confirms that it has received the drawings and that he will soon begin.

Thank you Franco!
The design is perfect. We will start work next week if all goes as plan.

Best Regards.  





domenica 20 novembre 2016

Ankaful_21 September 2016

We were in the village of Hankaful to see the land that had been allocated for the construction for a kindergarten. In our opinion the ground that they had chosen was too far from the village and uncomfortable to reach. Therefore we asked that they found one nearby village and extension such that in the time could also accommodate a primary school. The village representative has accepted our request and we returned to see the new land that we took all necessary measures to check ability to implement our project. Here are the pictures of our visit.

domenica 2 ottobre 2016


Fomena: the 2016-17 school year began using the first two classes of primary school has just been completed. Remember the post in June of this year?


As you can see in the pictures that follow, four guys sit tight in the same bank to use the few books they have available; then new teachers.

In 2018 we expect to realize even the block for the third and fourth class

giovedì 29 settembre 2016

Saltpond_Ankaful and Hinii_2016

A Lu(ça), che te ridi!

Hinii - Open school
What can I say?
The morning of Sunday, September 18 I was very happy to have taken a series of very interesting photographs for me and for you who follow me.
The first at the Saltpond lagoon: a "Shrine" in bamboo canes with a white cloth at the entrance.
The second: a goat eating toilet paper near the public toilets.
The third: always a kid, he had bitten into a much larger leaf her. Suddenly a gust of wind lifted leaf and goat by rolling on the ground.
The fourth photo was a top view of the densely populated village of Ankaful.
The fifth another "shrine". A small house in raw land and roof raffia. We are in the village of HiNii. Surprise! Inside I see piled the bones of the skeleton of a whale. This is the sixth photo.
The seventh I made it to a group of blacks pigs dozing in the shade of a small shelter built especially for them.
The eighth picture the large lagoon of HiNii.
The ninth photos to a group of children playing dig a big hole in the beach while people threw large ground the long fishing net.
The tenth picture I made to a fisherman who gave it to me specifically requested.
"Will you take me the picture?" - he told me.
"Sure, I'll take the picture to you. Tell me what's your name?"
"I have promised!"

I have told you these ten photos because shortly after, I lost my camera.

venerdì 12 agosto 2016

Our Country Director writes . . .

Our Country Director writes in to signal two villages where action is needed to improve conditions and educational opportunities for young students.

...meeting with Community leaders in the Central Region of Ghana called Ankafo a suburb of Saltpond, predominantly fishing community of about 6,000 population without a school, clinic facility, and the only toilet facility is a 11 Seater we begin the new academic year in Ghana, SECTIONS in collaboration with FORT AMSTERDAM ONLUS have plan to start with a KG SCHOOL BLOCK for this community… another development, the people of Hinii, suburb of Saltpond in the Central Region, a fishing community, densely populated with 9 classroom to house 13 class pupils in a school, 3 of the existing classrooms housed pupil's in Nursery, KG 1&2, Class 1. Apart from the building being very low, it's very dark for reading, not airing for over populated little kids...if we cannot do anything at all, at least we can provide an environment for this little Angel ...meeting with the chief and elders to see the way forward...

mercoledì 1 giugno 2016

Fomena_Report n. 4/2016

The first two classes of primary school are ready.
We are particularly pleased to have completed our program for 2016 in advance.


domenica 8 maggio 2016

5 x 1000 - 2016

When you say to them: 
"Once again this year we ask the friends of Ghana Fort Amsterdam Onlus to join the 5x1000".
Immediately they sing happy.


Basta la tua firma e il nostro Codice Fiscale

domenica 28 febbraio 2016

Fomena_Report n. 1/2016

As we promised and planned we started the construction of the first two classes of primary school in Fomena. 

The pictures were sent to us by Daniel, our Country Director for "Ghana Fort Amsterdam" Onlus.

Daniel Ohene
As a custom of the villagers pray before work

Daniel Ohene
Men at work

Daniel Ohene
Men at work

Daniel Ohene
The children look happy

giovedì 28 gennaio 2016

Our program for schools

Ghana (Central Region)

Saltpond is a town and the capital of the Mfantsiman Municipal District 
in the Central Region of South Ghana

Our program for schools

Villagges : Otsir,  Fomena-Begyin, Ademanù-Onyapaa, Taido, Kwelilansa, Efutuaka.

Otsir - Primary school (6 classroom) _ 2011           work completed
-Teacher’s accommodation _ 2012                work completed
- Kindergarten _ 2014                                  work completed

Fomena       - Kindergarten _ 2012                                 work completed
- Nursery _ 2013                                         work completed
- Primary school (2 class-room) _ 2016 work in progress

Ademanù    - Kindergarten _ 2013                                  work completed
- Primary school (2  class-room) _ 2014        work completed
- teacher’s accommodation _ 2015               work completed

Taido - Kindergarten _ 2015                                  work completed

Kwesilansa - Kindergarten _ 2015                                 work completed

Efutuaka - Kindergarten _ 2016                                 work completed

Efutuaka - Old Kindergarten (October 2015)

Efutuaka -New Kindergarten (January 2016)