sabato 10 agosto 2013

"The Mission"

We are opposed about the opportunity to tell the human suffering in Africa by means of questionable VIP (I = important but also ignorant) in the new reality-show of RAI (Italian Radio Television) 
"The Mission". 
Join us and shouts:
Ho appena firmato la petizione "RAI: non mandare in onda il reality “Mission”. #nomission" su
È importante. Puoi firmarla anche tu? 


domenica 4 agosto 2013

Friends! Are you ready?

During the months of August and September will follow the phases of construction of the new nursery in the village of Fomena.

We hope in October to inaugurate this structure and at the same time the kindergarten in the village of Ademanù.
Friends! October 4th we go. Are you ready?