mercoledì 13 luglio 2011

The construction of the laboratory for the production of gari is completed.

News from our country director

Our third meeting was very successful, but this time we went very straight to the point by the telling the people of the village our intentions of helping them and our limitations and their commitment in the whole project.
The message was,
"we are going to provide them with all that will be needed for the Gari production, including the Gari house, the equipments, the cassava at the initial stages only, the cassava sticks at the early stage only, helping with the management for at least the first three(3) months or more, and hand over everything to them for our periodic inspection of the project."

They have accepted this challenge collectively, but first, we also tasked them to form a technical committee before the close of next week, and not more than seven(7) people, with consideration made to some of the young guys in the village to be part of the committee.

Secondly, we have asked them to present a program to this effect, that is they are to divide themselves among the various production stages of the gari, right from the raw material(farm) to the finish product.

Thirdly, the land for farming should be ready and cleared by the time we return next week for our next meeting.

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